February 21, 2008

A Love Letter From Rev. Gordon to Mayor Hobart

From: Pastor Cary Gordon <CaryG@cornerstoneworld.org>
To: "ccouncil@sioux-city.org" <ccouncil@sioux-city.org>
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2008 16:50:23 -0600
Subject: PeaceMakers Institute


First – let me be very clear – I am not speaking on the behalf of Cornerstone World Outreach. I am speaking on behalf of myself, as the President of PeaceMaker's Institute, a corporation recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501 (c)(4) with a connected political action committee registered in the State of Iowa – entirely independent and separate from Cornerstone World Outreach. For more information on my "stealth agenda" please see www.peacemakersinstitute.com <http://www.peacemakersinstitute.com/>  – you may click the "issues" button for your reading pleasure and continuing education.

Mr. Hobart, as one of the few persons most responsible for the success of the direct-election of the Mayor ballot issue, which gave YOU the opportunity to garner this important and privileged position in Sioux City - I share – WITH YOU, as does Mr. Rochester, a vested mutual interest in YOUR POLITICAL SUCCESS. It does neither me, nor this great city that I love so much, any service, to see you make mistakes of biblical proportions - in public media events.

With that said, please know that I did NOT appreciate being falsely and publicly accused of something tantamount to bribery, nor did I appreciate the way you maligned the church that both I and the Living Lord Jesus Christ, so deeply love. YOUR actions, in my humble opinion, were worse than "illegal"; they were hurtful, reckless, and undoubtedly sinful.

I am writing to inform you that ALL LEGAL OPTIONS are on the table. Legal action needs to be taken against both you, and the City of Sioux City, for public defamation of character. Do not make the mistake of thinking that I am like other pastors you have known. I assure you, I am not like them. I have no intention of being a doormat for any elected official in Sioux City who wishes to "feel their oats" at my expense… which is to say, I have no intention of "turning the other cheek" because this situation does not fit that context.

Personally, I am fed-up, beyond imagination, with the ungodly hostility and dishonor that my friends, family, and church have experienced at the hands of the likes of you!  I'm tired of veiled threats on Journal blog-sites, blatant anonymous threats in the mail from liberal democrat cowards, and media abuses from un-churched ignorant pundits who have an ax to grind, all while pretending to be "impartial".

Finally, I'm tired of uninformed people getting elected, only to become "constitutional wrecking-balls" because they don't comprehend fundamental American historical realities… THAT is my "stealth agenda", to replace and defeat such people, and I hope you'll share that with all of your coffee buddies who successfully pushed you out on this limb – because I am very inclined to CUT-IT-OFF!

You, sir, and the poor political counselors you apparently keep, are the embodiment of WHY I run a political action committee. If you view my influence in the political process as some form of anomalous nuisance, you only have yourselves to thank for my unbending dedication to the cause. Because without the Christian Bible, the Christian religion, and 19 men with Christian theological degrees who signed the American Constitution – America would not exist!  More importantly, without modern-day Christians, who are willing to remain politically active – America will inevitably be destroyed from the internal depravity and hedonism which emanates from the festering source of radical secularism.

That is why, in a nutshell, I cannot, in good conscience, allow your recent egregious behavior to discourage other Christian people from forming PACs and contributing to the political process. You did wrong – publicly – and that demands a public remedy. Whether that remedy is willingly offered, or legally forced through a messy lawsuit is entirely up to you. Of course, I can't speak for any of the other people provoked by your comments this past Friday.

You are on the WRONG SIDE of the American culture war!  You are WRONG about prayer, WRONG about me, WRONG about Cornerstone, WRONG about Mr. Rochester, WRONG about Brent Hoffman, and WRONG about the proper way to handle downtown partners.

You have 4 years ahead of you. I truly hope you will get "RIGHT" real soon. I mean that with every connotation that is possible. I would never have imagined that someone who so desperately needed the power of prayer would act so unreasonably opposed to its free exercise.

With all Due Respect,

Rev. Cary K. Gordon

PeaceMaker's Institute

P.S. You should have submitted your inappropriate interpretation of scripture to your Assembly pastor BEFORE attempting to justify your flawed position with it… in public. I can not imagine ANY pastor agreeing with your use of that particular verse, particularly on the heels of having just praised the "virtues" of secularism – something Jesus, and his contemporary rabbis HATED as much as I do.