November 05, 2006

Editorials about Warnstadt and others...

As the political season reaches its climax, the Sioux City Journal ran a bunch of editorials today about the election. The nuttiest of them all is one from Kathleen Hoffman (I believe wife of the head of the Iowa Republican Party), stating that Steve Warnstadt is basically anti-business and criticizing him for taking PAC money. She cites some bogus Independent Business PAC organization, with bogus figures. What a joke, as Mrs. Hoffman is, I am sure, extremely familiar with the sources of Warnstadt's opponent's funds also. Blanchard is getting a ton of $ from out of state PACs, to push the anti-gay agenda item (there is so much more to our state policy than this, isn't there???). Isn't there a saying about glass houses, and throwing stones?

Warnstadt recently was the victim of some bogus mailing by some group entitled "Republicans for Warnstadt". How low can the Blanchard supporters go? Do the ends justify the means when it comes to fighting gay marriage. Are bogus mailings and distortions of the truth acceptable if in the end they get the right person in office? There are a lot of crappy public officials out there. Steve Warnstadt is not one of them. This guy is incredibly hard working, honest, and loyal to Sioux City. Republicans and Democrats alike are supporting him, both financially and vocally. The misguided efforts of the bogus "Republicans for Warnstadt" should be illegal, as they deceive the public and reflect a lack of integrity on the Blanchard campaign (and I absolutely do not mean to imply that Mrs. Blanchard had any hand in this but, of course some supporters of hers must have). It's disgusting.


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