October 31, 2006

More on King from Midwestmom

In response to Midwestmom's comments below, I have to ask, "Did King compare immigrants to stray cats?" It appears from your comments that he did say a good chunk of what was printed in the Journal, but just didn't say it exactly as it appeared in the Journal, and didn't say "...lazy, just like illegal immigrants". Do I have this correct? I'm not really sure what kind of transcript would come from a meeting like this, or what exactly that means, so I believe you that no official transcript exists. I just am curious if, in general, what was printed in the Journal is more or less what King said?

It's obviously not grounds for an "October surprise" and I don't think we implied that when we posted this in the first place, we were just looking for some lively discussion, which we are now having. And we appreciate your comments as you are the first person that has commented that was actually in attendance at this meeting, and that perspective is important to us, so thank you for responding.


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