October 15, 2006


As published in the Sioux City Journal on October 13, 2006:

"A transcript of King's comments made at a Republican fundraiser in Boulders Conference Center showed he compared illegal immigrants to stray cats that wind up on people's porches. King said at first stray cats help by chasing mice, so people feed them. King added that the stray cats then have kittens, which are liked for their cuteness, but eventually the strays, fed by the people, end up getting lazy, just like illegal immigrants. King would not comment on what he said on that day."

Full Article in Sioux City Journal

Is Steve King a bigot?


Blogger tomg said...

I would like to see that transcript. If true, what a complete embarrassment, for Congress, Iowa and Sioux City.

11:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well written. Keep up the great work.

11:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dave & Tom,

There is no "transcript." Notice that none of the words attributed to King in the Journal article are actually in quotes.

I was at the Crawford County fundraiser. I challenge anyone to prove King uttered the phrase, "lazy, just like illegal immigrants."

The dufus who is the source for this garbage is also pretending he was not in attendance that night (never paid to get in and gives them impression in articles that he wasn't there) but I saw him there and other did, too. I can tell you exactly where he was sitting.

This is sleezeball politics at its best. Why did it take five weeks for this story to break if what King said was so repulsive???

11:31 AM  

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